How to enjoy code, even after a full workday of staring at it

  • Keep a notebook around and write down those dumb ideas that pop up randomly during the day (I use Google Keep for this), or record yourself as something pops up. Remember, no idea is too dumb to at least write it down.
  • Try and keep them scoped and simple. This is not meant to become a year-long project (but if it does and you are still having fun, go for it!)
  • Use at least one language/tool/tech that you find interesting and would like to explore. Don’t look at the edges too hard beforehand, you’ll probably find them naturally as you own curiosity guides you there while exploring it in a fun way. Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan
  • If you feel like its becoming a chore, drop it. Maybe for a couple days, maybe for a week, maybe forever. The low stakes mean no harm no foul and the goal of this is to have fun.



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Alejandro Baltra

Alejandro Baltra


Chilean Software Developer living in the USA. Se habla español.